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We make the information system for monitoring and evaluation of qualifications requirements for employees available. It was developed in Multi-Year Programme PW-004, Task SP-5 Vocational development within advanced technologies of manufacturing and exploitation". The Institute of Sustainable Technologies - National Research Institute in Radom is the main executor and coordinator of the programme. Developed information system is related to the European Qualifications Framework that is a new way to interpret qualifications in the whole Europe and it is a point of reference to the development of transparent qualifications structures in every country.

     The system was modified in the project "Advanced industrial and ecological technologies for the sustainable development of the country" in the task – "Qualifications and competences in the field of advanced industrial technologies" which was being conducted in 2009-2011in the Innovative Economy Operational Programme Priority 1 – Research and development of new technologies, Action 1.1 – Support for scientific research for building knowledge-based economy.

     The issue of the development of methods and tools enabling to identify and to analyse needs for vocational improvement of employees is related to the continuing education. In Europe, characterizing by fast technological and economical changes, lifelong learning seems to be necessary.  The need of acquiring new knowledge, skills and competencies of employees has a crucial meaning for the competitiveness of enterprises. The development of information society and a huge growth of knowledge cause that it has to be updated, transmitted and gathered all the time for objectives of continuing educational systems. More and more institutions use databases as a tool to gather and make information available from different fields and areas of activities. One of these key areas is the human resources development, including qualifications and competencies of employees.

      Designed information system is a tool supporting management and human resources development in small and middle sized enterprises. Particularly, the system enables to monitor requirements related to qualifications and competencies of employees and to identify training needs in professions of high chance and advanced technologies, including school professions being under the ministry of the economy. It has to be underlined that there is a lack of solutions of these types at the labour market. They might be knowledge bases including information on occupational tasks, skills and attitudes required in the real work environment. On the other hand, they might give the opportunity to integrate to real qualifications and competencies to develop plans and curricula of vocational improvement of employees. The information system:

•-       enables to gather and to update knowledge on requirements within vocational qualifications in professions functioning in the economy with taking into account vocational tasks, skills and attitudes appropriate to the profession. In the stage of building the prototype of information system, database includes information especially for the professions in the branches of: mechatronics, mechanics, electrics, electronics and informatics,

•-       allows employees (and potential candidates) evaluate relative value of prior qualifications and identify competencies gaps,

•-       improve opportunities of employers within vocational staff development by evaluating real qualifications of employees in the correlation to the requirements at the work station,

•-       enables training institutions compare the content of their educational offers to the economy requirements regarding qualifications and competencies in the professions functioning in the economy.


      In regards to the need of vocational development of employees, the rational approach is to use descriptions of national occupational qualifications standards that are the most credible resource of information on professions functioning in the economy. A present list and the content is available through using database managed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy at the website:  www.standardyiszkolenia.praca.gov.pl.


     The conceptual information and monitoring system of qualifications requirements for employees assumed that it was properly to use descriptions of existing national occupational qualifications standards from mentioned database. These descriptions have the recommendation of labour resort and they are available for common use by different individuals of the economy, education and labour market.


     It has to be taken into account that national occupational qualification standard identifies requirements within skills, knowledge and attitudes at work stations in appropriate professions. Therefore, it can be a point of reference to identify needs in "meeting" or "not meeting" these requirements by the employee.  The evaluation of these needs aims at identifying the difference between requirements indicated in national occupational qualification standard and real competencies of the employee.